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Title 1

What is Title 1?

Title 1 is supplemental federal funding for low achieving children, especially in high poverty schools. This program provides extra academic support and learning opportunities for children farthest from meeting challenging state standards. Title 1 helps by supplementing and improving the regular education programs offered at Title 1 schools. The goal is to help students meet the State standards.

How does a school become a Title 1 school?

The number of students that qualify for free and/or reduced lunch is used to determine the district-wide poverty and school poverty levels. Title 1 can serve schools at or above the districtwide poverty average.

Our Vision

Nationally recognized district of choice that embraces all students and prepares them to grow and thrive for their future.

We Believe

  • All students can learn and achieve to high standards throughout their lives. 
  • All students can become expert learners
  • Social-emotional well-being is essential for academic learning.  
  • Learners and their educators are highly diverse and require flexible supports
  • Collaboration among educators across disciplines and roles is essential. 
  • All students need and deserve a safe physical and emotional learning environment
  • Relationships are the foundation for growth and success. 

Title 1 Parent Involvement District Policy

Sycamore Elementary Parent Involvement Policy

1. Sycamore Elementary School will hold an annual parent meeting early in the school year at a convenient time to explain: 

  • Title 1 participation and requirements 
  • Parents’ rights to be involved 
  • The forms of assessment used to measure academic success and progress 
  • Description and explanation of curricula to be used 

2. The following items will be distributed to parents for review and input: 

  • Parent Involvement Policy – early in the school year 
  • Home School Compacts – at the annual parent meeting 
  • Parent Notices as they apply to Title 1

3. Sycamore Elementary will provide all parents with timely information in a language and format easily understood in the following ways: 

  • Registration packets 
  • Teacher notes, phone calls, emails 
  • School newsletters  
  • District and school websites 
  • Parent Square messages 
  • Interpreter services as needed 
  • Report cards via Power School 

4. Sycamore  Elementary will foster positive and productive family partnerships through: 

  • Providing opportunities for decision-making input related to the education of their children 
  • Host schoolwide events including: Title 1 meetings, Family Nights, and an Open House 
  • Fostering and encouraging good school attendance 

5. Sycamore Elementary will in turn foster positive and productive partnerships with school through: 

  • Supporting their students’ learning by: Ensuring good attendance, monitoring homework completion, supervising television watching and electronic game playing, encouraging positive use of extra-curricular time, and encouraging reading at home 
  • Volunteering at school 
  • Participating in school activities 
  • Communicating with school staff 
  • Being positive advocates for their children 

6. Materials and training will be offered to parents on how they can assist, encourage, and improve their child’s academic achievement through: 

  • Newsletters
  • Resources for instructional strategies to practice at home
  • Digital resources 

Sycamore families will communicate any suggestions or concerns to the Title 1 staff directly, and the Title 1 department will respond as timely and practically as possible.  The Title 1 department will also communicate parent feedback with the district.



Our program is developed around a well-organized curriculum which is broad enough to meet the needs of all children, yet flexible enough to provide for individual differences. We endeavor to facilitate learning through meaningful experiences that offer success, foster confidence, and promote constant and continuous learning.


Language Arts (which includes Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Spelling), Math, Science, Health, Social Studies, Art, Music, and Physical Education.



Our curriculum is directly aligned to the Indiana State Standards. These standards describe what students should know and be able to do by the end of each grade level.  More information about Avon Community School Corporation's curriculum can be found here.


Sycamore Elementary offers a talented, experienced staff which strives to challenge each student to work to his or her potential every day. The staff also recognizes that education is a cooperative endeavor. It is our belief that the entire school program should be based on continuous planning and evaluation by administrators, teachers, and parents. We seek to promote a positive working relationship uniting home, school, and community in order to provide a complete learning environment for the child.


For more information about Sycamore Elementary, please visit the Indiana Department of Education.  Click here to be taken directly to this site.

Meet Miss Scott

sarah scott

Sarah Scott
Title 1 Teacher
(317) 544-6600

Hello! My name is Miss Scott. I grew up in Brownsburg and have lived in Avon for the past five years. I am excited to be back at Sycamore in a new role! Previously, I was a first grade teacher at Sycamore from 2015-2022. I returned for the 2023-24 year as our new Title 1 Teacher. I have the privilege to work with various students from across the grade levels. Some of my hobbies include hiking, photography, working out, and taking road trips! I love all things Purdue (Boiler Up!), Disney, and spoiling my cat Milo.

Right to Know Letter

First page of the PDF file: RighttoKnowLetter

Complaint Procedure Policy

Avon Community School Corporation recognizes that parents have the right to request a formal complaint. For the purpose of this policy, a complain or concern shall be any such that arises out of actions, procedures and policies in regard to Title 1 programming.

Parents who have a complaint or concern shall address it first with the building principal. If it is not resolved, the next step is to address the LEA Title 1 Director, Carrie Alday. If unable to resolve the concern, Mrs. Alday may seek the guidance from the Indiana Department of Education. If still not satisfied, the parent may take the complain to the Assistant Superintendent. The Superintendent would be the next to handle any situation if it is still unresolved.