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Welcome to Sycamore Elementary School’s Counseling Program website.  At Sycamore Elementary, students not only learn the academic skills needed to succeed but also the life skills needed to become a successful adult. The counseling program offers that outlet for students to learn about themselves and others through monthly counselor lessons, group counseling, and individual counseling. 

All of the Avon Elementary counseling programs have the philosophy that the whole child matters, and we create an environment that guides the child to find his or her potential. We work collaboratively with teachers and parents, which, in turn, positively affects the students. We get to know the students and recognize the strengths in each one of them.

Please contact me at school if you have any concerns regarding your child or have any questions about the counseling program.

Sycamore Students: College Readiness

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All Sycamore, students receive College and Career Readiness lessons throughout the year.  During the month of September, students and staff are invited to focus on "What will happen when I graduate from high school?" By partnering with local organizations, Sycamore students will learn the importance of focusing on successful kid skills! As they grow and develop, our hope is that these skills propel them to be successful teenagers and adults!

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